The benefits of an online tournament management software

If you’ve ever attempted to organize a tournament of any sort, you probably know that it requires a lot of work. Whether it’s for organized team sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, etc., or for individual or paired competitions like tennis, badminton, or squash, taking the time and effort to manage a tournament’s life-cycle can often be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created the perfect solution to help you organize and host a tournament effectively.

Tournamatic is a platform that greatly simplifies the management of a tournament’s life cycle. It streamlines and automates some of the most complex and time-consuming pieces of tournament organization, such as promotion, payment collection, scheduling, and communication. Once the basics of the event have been established (the when and where, in particular), organizers can use Tournamatic’s management features to execute their plans in the most efficient way possible.

Here are just a few of the benefits that Tournamatic offers.

Merging tournament information into one accessible platform

Traditionally, tournaments were organized using a pencil, paper, and a lot of people-power. Since then, tournament management software has made it easier to keep track of the various details and tidbits of information regarding a tournament.

Tournamatic makes this process easy by allowing organizers to create a tournament profile, merging all of the details regarding dates, locations, sponsors, fees, and more in one easily accessible place. Your event’s page is available online so you can access it whenever you need to make changes, updates, and edits to the competition’s details. By giving everyone an easy way to find your tournament, you can also leverage this accessibility to further promote the event.

Promoting your tournament

Once you’ve established the time and place of your tournament and have confirmed venues, volunteers, and potential sponsors, you’re ready for the next piece of the puzzle, the competitors!

Tournamatic helps organizers quickly and easily promote their event via social media channels and the online world. Once a tournament’s profile is completed by the organizers using the software’s simple, guided process, it is ready to be shared far and wide on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, via email, and through any other means that help increase the competition’s visibility and reach. Sponsors can be added to the tournament’s page as well, showcasing the support from the community and providing additional ways to reach your target audience through them.

Collecting tournament registration fees online

When competitors begin to register for your event, you might need a simple way to receive registration fees, if they are applicable. Tournamatic’s software integrates directly with Stripe, allowing you to collect payment from registering teams or individuals online. This makes the registration process easier for tournament participants as they can complete their registration and payment through one easy-to-use signup procedure. It also makes the job of the tournament organizers easier, ensuring that payment is collected from each participant and allowing focus to return to other critical matters such as creating the competition’s schedule.

Automating tournament rosters and schedules

Tournamatic simplifies what tends to be the most complicated task when it comes to organizing a tournament, the draws and scheduling process. When enough participants have signed up to compete, you are able to complete the planning phase of the life-cycle by establishing what type of tournament structure you want (e.g. elimination, round robin, consolation, challenge, etc.) and organizing the various pools into draws or divisions.

Since all of the different teams or participants that have registered are collected in one platform, it’s easy for you to organize and schedule fair matches. Once your draws have been established, Tournamatic allows you to send personalized schedules to every participant, ensuring that everyone knows when and where they are competing.

Communicating with tournament participants and spectators

Besides communicating team schedules, Tournamatic also makes it incredibly easy to keep competitors and fans up-to-date through automatically updated standings. Spectators and those following the event from afar are able to keep track of their favourite competitors online through the tournament’s unique profile page. Since scores and player statistics can be recorded and updated through the page and easily shared on social media, both tournament participants and followers are able to see the latest standings.

Effectively communicating with the people participating in and supporting your event is a key component of a well-organized tournament. Using Tournamatic to keep everyone that is involved updated can only add to the competition’s overall success.

Whether it’s a soccer tournament, a hockey tournament, a regatta, or any other sporting competition, using management software that’s designed specifically for tournaments can save organizers a lot of time, effort, and stress. Tournamatic’s handy features can take care of the more tedious and complicated tasks and can facilitate the coordination of large and small events. From conception to promotion to registration to coordination and communication, organizers can rest assured that all the bases have been covered in time for the event, meaning that you can sit back and let the games begin!