Finally, Tournament Software That Makes Things Easier

Running a tournament from start to finish doesn’t have to consume your life.

Tournamatic is a tournament software that simplifies the management of entire tournament lifecycle. Unlike other tournament software on the market, you don’t have to download anything or pay an upfront cost. Tournament organizers don’t need to acquire a service for registrations and a separate service for setting up the draws and a third one for dealing with results. It’s all there just a login away. Here’s how tournamatic will make your life easier.

Tournament Setup

Since there’s no software to download, you create your tournament structure online with Tournamatic. In less than 10 minutes setup draws, dates, a location, add rules and regulations (or any content that you like for that matter) and you can even enter your sponsor logos.

Once complete your event in ready to promote. All you do is send a link to your tournament page on the Tournamatic website. This makes the registration process less time consuming. Find out how below.


Designing the tournament entry forms and processing a stack of received entries suck. We take away the entire process altogether and make processing them and payments simple.

Your tournament site is where people can register and pay online. They enter their teams and rosters, not you.

There’s no more processing registration forms and cashing cheques at the bank. We’ve partnered with Stripe to accept credit card transactions in a safe and secure way. When a team or player registers, we immediately charge the tournament entrant the full cost of the entry fee and deposit your share of the fee directly to your stripe account. Stripe then extract the funds directly into your tournament bank account on a weekly basis or any period you instruct it to.


Once registration is closed, you can then schedule all the matchups. You’ll have full control over teams or players to play and at what times. You can change tournament structures and roster if need be.

When scheduling is complete, all the players will automatically be notified about their schedule and in addition to that the entire schedule will also be posted to your tournament page.

Changes and Communication

If you need to make changes to your tournament at any point, no problem. You can change any part of your tournament structure at any time. You could also communicate directly with participants from the same dashboard page.

Scoring and Results

In this technologically advanced world, people want updates right away. With Tournamatic you publish scoring results and stats live as they happen from any device connected to the internet.

This is a great way for players along with family and friends to see results as they happen whether they’re at the tournament or not. All they have to do is visit your Tournament page on Tournamatic.

How Much Does Tournamatic Cost?

We mentioned at the beginning that Tournamatic doesn’t take an upfront fee. It’s absolutely free to sign up and register a tournament. We simply charge a 3% service fee when a team or player registers.